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Help others and yourself achieve a lifetime of wellbeing!!

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I am Marcello R. Mark, owner and founder of MindfulnessGuide.
Lifeplus International started in 1992, when a group of people came together, united by their passion for health, lifestyle and helping others. They believed that with help and guidance, people really could transform their lives for the better. So, let me tell you more about our founder, our powerful nutritional supplements, our organic skin care products, as well as the hope giving business opportunities that we all have with Lifeplus.

Almost three decades later, this is still what motivates us:
putting people at the heart of all we do.

DISCOVER a practical approach to overall wellness with various tips, trending topics and advice around our four key pillars ...

  • Staying Active - feel better on the inside and more confident on the outside.
  • Eating Well - fuel your body with good nutrition and feel the benefits.
  • State of Mind - regain your positive attitude to focus on being your best.
  • Nutritional Supplementation - support and enhance your balanced lifestyle.

Lifeplus empowers people with a home business opportunity that's flexible in fitting any lifestyle, allowing them to really explore their potential. We provide advice and guidance; drawing on our history, expertise and experience in holistic wellbeing to help anyone see that making positive changes can start with just a few small steps.

We aim to inspire people to live healthier lives - by sharing a simple approach to everyday wellbeing that's easily achievable for all.

Whether you are starting your journey into the world of nutritional supplementation and holistic wellbeing or already well on your way, we have information, guidance and expert opinion to help and support you. Let us make it as easy as possible for you with a definitive range of trustworthy, authoritative and informative easy to read articles and advice.

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Our formula is our long shared philosophy and practical approach to your overall wellness. Backed by nutritional science it summarises our knowledge and experience to unlock a powerful way to boost, and support and supplement your individual health.

We'll help you to discover what works best for you so you remain motivated and on track to reach your wellness goals. Discover inspiring healthy habits for your complete balance of mind, body and soul and how small significant steps can lead to a better quality of life.

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The business opportunities with Lifeplus

Want to help others and yourself achieve a lifetime of wellbeing?
Especially during these difficult times in which we live all over the world, we need resources to stay financially afloat and also to ensure our health and to live healthy!!
Lifeplus gives people the opportunity, worldwide, to not only improve their physical wellness but also to access a balanced lifestyle that helps promote a healthy state of mind. From inspirational events, to opportunities to get involved in our community, to practical guides and tools to help you move forward with your decision to become a Lifeplus Associate, you can find everything you need for a rich and rewarding experience. Our philosophy of sharing knowledge and understanding is also at the center of a business opportunity available to everyone.

Our website is full of credible information for you to help others achieve a healthier and happier life. It is a useful tool for you to discover, share and connect. In addition, we have online meetings with our teams on a very regular basis, to support each other and to answer questions. You are never alone !!

Your Potential. Your Way.
If you decide to start your own Lifeplus business, you can do so in a way which suits you. There's no pressure; you're completely free and independent to explore and develop at your own pace, working from home. For example, you may just like to spend an hour or two a week sharing your enthusiasm with a close network of friends or family.

Let's talk ... A good conversation can be rewarding. Talking and sharing, making connections and learning more about yourself and others is one of life's great pleasures.
Fill out and submit this form below and I will guide you through your first steps, and of course beyond.

Marcello R. Mark, your Lifeplus sponsor.

Bob Lemon, founder of Lifeplus International

Bob Lemon talks through his journey from his practice of pharmacy to where he is today as he helps others lead a healthy lifestyle. Living by his saying 'Focus on what you want, not what you don't want', Bob recognised the importance of nutritional supplements in supplying ourselves with the nutrients our body was designed to function on. Good nutrition, good people, leading a good life, enjoying yourself and enjoying others' discover how he made this a collective vision.

Scientific Director, Dr Dwight McKee

"It is called holistic medicine, but it has more to do with avoiding the need for medicine. By eating well, keeping a positive state of mind and staying active people are applying our formula for wellbeing. And they are finding out that this comprehensive approach to life makes them happier and healthier, more optimistic, full of hope, open-minded and confident."
Dr. Dwight McKee is a specialist in oncology, nutritional science and complementary medicine.

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