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Help others and yourself achieve a lifetime of wellbeing!!

I am Marcello R. Mark, owner and founder of MindfulnessGuide.
Last year I discovered Lifeplus International, that started in 1992 when a group of people came together, united by their passion for health, lifestyle and helping others. They believed that with help and guidance, people really could transform their lives for the better. So, let me tell you more about our founder, our powerful nutritional supplements, our organic skin care products, as well as the promising business opportunities that we all have with Lifeplus.

Bob Lemon, oprichter van Lifeplus International

Almost three decades later, this is still what motivates us:
putting people at the heart of all we do. Watch this video about the awsome and enthousiastic people behind Lifeplus ... my so called 'new family'.

DISCOVER a practical approach to overall wellness with various tips, trending topics and advice around our four key pillars ...

  • Staying Active - feel better on the inside and more confident on the outside.
  • Eating Well - fuel your body with good nutrition and feel the benefits.
  • State of Mind - regain your positive attitude to focus on being your best.
  • Nutritional Supplementation - support and enhance your balanced lifestyle.

Lifeplus empowers people with a home business opportunity that's flexible in fitting any lifestyle, allowing them to really explore their potential. We provide advice and guidance; drawing on our history, expertise and experience in holistic wellbeing to help anyone see that making positive changes can start with just a few small steps.

Lots of companies like to say they are different, but at Lifeplus we think we really are. That's because we are driven by one simple aim: Helping people to feel good.

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