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Get your FREE Survival Kit

Get your FREE Survival Kit

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A 48.8 MB zip-file including 12 pdf-files with the following titles:

Civil Disturbance Operations
Cold Weather Survival
Edible and Medicinal Plants
Emergency War Surgery
Encyclopedia of Knots
Essential Fishing knots
Medical Survival Wound Closure Manual
Shelters Shacks Shanties
Survival Medicine
Survival personal wilderness medical kit
Urban Preparation Kit Part-1

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Including 61 pdf-files!

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The titles of de 61 pdf-files:

Alpine Living 2008
Army - Carpentry
Army - Concrete and Masonry
Army - Camouflage Concealment and Decoys
Army - Basic Cold Weather Manual
Army - Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1
Army - Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 2, 3 and 4
Backcountry Cookbook
Basic book of knots and lashings
Basic food preparation
Boyscout cookbook
Combat Skills of the Soldier
Combat Survival Evasion
Dutch oven cookbook
Ethnobotany of the Forest Indians
Fishing Knots Tying How to Tie a Knot Knotting
Full First Aid Manual
Get Tough
Hand to Hand Combat Martial Arts Aikido
How to Build a Debris Hut
How to Find Your Way
Knots and String
Knots Splices and Rope Work
Knots Splices Attachments
Krav Maga Pressure Points Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide
Marine Land Navigation
Marine Martial Arts Training
Mountain Operations
Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide
Preserving Game Meats
Pressure Points Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide
Ropes Knots Ladders Lashings Anchorages
Sea Scout Knots
Special Forces Caching Techniques
Survival Edible Medicinal Plants
Survival how to make herbal preparations
Survival In Cold-Weather Areas
Survival Water Purification
Survival Wilderness Survival
Terrain Analysis
The Ten Bushcraft Books
Topographic Operations
Tying Farm Knots
US Army Combatives hand to hand combat
US Army Map Reading and Land Navigation
Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada
US Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat
US Marines Close Quarters Combat Manual
USMC Summer Survival Course
USMC Winter Survival Course
What Knot Useful Knots for Scouting and Climbing Martin Stone
WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol 1
WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol 2
WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol 3
WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol 4
Wilderness Medicine Course
Wilderness Survival Skills

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Working From Home

Earn more money with working from your home.

Working from home, offers more individuals higher degrees of flexibility and work-life balance. However, what is advantageous for one person may be disadvantageous for another. You may set yourself up for success no matter where you work if you visualize your ideal working environment and seek out (or encourage) the conditions that are most similar to it.

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View other excellent survival gadgets!

Evatac Taclite

Available in USA only.

Tactical Flashlight, small enough to fit in your pocket, ultra bright, uses standard batteries and it is tough enough to last a lifetime of abuse. For today only we're offering you the chance to secure the Q5 TACLITE for free. We're campaigning to educate everyday Americans on the benefits of self-defense, and there's 500 tactical flashlights being given away as part of the promotion. All we ask is you cover the cost of shipping, and we'll send you one of your own.

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Solar Switch

Available in US, Canada, Australia, UK, NZ, South Africa.

Complete Step-By-Step video guide for building a foldable, adjustable, and portable solar panel system. This DIY Solar Panel moves like a plant – 10x more power and 10% of the space. Could cut your power bills by 65%. Or $,1,300 a year. Thanks to one man’s discovery of an electricity source 10x more powerful than traditional solar panels, after he was shot ...

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500mg CBD Oil

Available in USA only.

A powerful natural relief, made from 100% pure CBD. This is a safe, non-habit forming oil for pain reduction, helps with anxiety, enhancing focus and clarity and promotes healthy sleep. CBD is one amongst 104 compounds also called cannabinoids that are contained within a hemp plant. Research increasingly points to the positive effects on human health. It is safe, non-habit forming, effective and 100% legal in all 50 states.

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EMF Defense Pendant Silver 29mm

Available in all countries.

Pendant that helps protect against the negative effects of EMF radiation. You may have heard of EMFs or electromagnetic fields. This type of radiation comes from your cell phone and other things like wifi routers, computers, wires in your house, and more. Study after study shows that our ever-increasing exposure to these fields is harmful. But there is a way to protect yourself and your family ... in fact, it's a small piece of exclusive technology that uses negative ions to block and diffuse EMFs.

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Ground Power Generator System

Available in all countries.

Digital product that will help you become 'energy independent' on your own. The Earth's core is producing 47 trillion Watts of electricity right beneath our feet each and every second. That's 1 million times more than the mankind can consume. A crazy professor made a discovery that is about to change the energy world forever. It was by accident that he invented a crazy device that feeds itself from the earth's core.

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Alka Water DIY

Available in all countries.

A step-by-step guide showing exactly how to create a 'healthy water source' and how to never risk drinking impure water ever again. An ingenious firefighter from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania developed a one-of-a-kind device. It's 10 times more powerful than any treatment and it can save your daily money ...

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Air Fountain

Available in USA, Canada, UK, NZ, SA, Australia.

Step-By-Step video guide for building a condensation water harvester. The U.S. is about to run dry and a nationwide water shutdown is imminent. I urge you to take a look at this NASA's secret recently disclosed report ASAP. You'll want to see it because it reveals a 100-YEAR LONG DROUGHT that's happening as this was written, and it's heading your way. Secret military technology that makes water out of thin air, even in the desert.

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