Strange Phenomena Section, with videos, documentaries and other productions.
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Strange Phenomena Section

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Strange Phenomena Section

Strange Phenomena Section, with videos, documentaries and other productions.

This is the section, where I will present strange phenomena that happened in our universe.

INSANE Sounds Coming from THE SKY

Alien Warnings, Govt Conspiracies or End Times?

I asked attention for this strange phenomena, already in 2010. But here are some new, very recent, records. I only ask you: could these be the angels preparing their trumpets, before they will actually start blowing them, as if they are only training right now?! (Like it is written in Revelations).

How The Sons of Fallen Angels Nearly Destroyed The World

The Book of Giants

The Legends of History's author: "From my research, there exists two versions of the Book of Giants. First there is the one found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and secondly, there is the one found in Manichean. The Dead Sea Scroll version is arguably incomplete with its abrupt and almost vague ending, but the Manichean version provides a more definitive conclusion. In my efforts to convey a full story, I'll aim to conflate the two accounts and hopefully paint a more concise story for you. Yes, I've obviously taken some creative liberties and filled in some of the blanks with my own interpretation of what's available."

Alien Ship Landing in African School: Over 60 Children Witness It

Out in the schoolyard, a sound suddenly pierced the air, like a high-pitched flute. The students turned their eyes skyward looking for the source of the sound, and what they saw stunned them. There, in the sky above, were five mysterious disc-like crafts, glowing red. The students watched in wonder as the crafts disappeared and reappeared in flashes of light.
Without warning, one of the five broke off from the rest and began to descend, touching down a few hundred feet away on a hill just beyond the boundaries of the schoolyard. Though the students were not permitted to enter this area of thorny bushes and tall grass, their curiosity got the better of them and they rushed towards it.

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