Therapeutic Soundgarden with my own created productions for relaxation, meditations and chakra healings ... spiritual and dance music.
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Therapeutic Soundgarden

Therapeutic Soundgarden

Therapeutic section with my own created (music) productions
and some other techniques.

On top of every webpage, you will find the option for Google translation, in case you would like to read the website in your own language.
In Therapeutic Soundgarden, I am going to present music for relaxation, meditations, (chakra) healings ... spiritual music and dance music, created by myself. Some of the productions will be related to Solfeggio Frequenties and/or Binaural Beats. Furthermore, I will explain how this actually works and I will pay some attention to ASMR as well.
In addition, I will present personal help to local people in the Netherlands.
Many things I am going to offer for free, but there will also be some creations available, that you can buy, if you would like to sponsor my work and effort.
At this moment, I am building this section where, very soon, I will start publishing my creations. Stay tuned!
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