Therapeutic Soundgarden with my own created productions for relaxation, meditations and chakra healings ... spiritual and dance music.
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Therapeutic Soundgarden

Therapeutic Soundgarden

Therapeutic section with my own created (music) productions
and some other techniques.

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In Therapeutic Soundgarden, I am going to present music for relaxation, meditations, (chakra) healings ... spiritual music and dance music, created by myself. Some of the productions will be related to Solfeggio Frequenties and/or Binaural Beats. Furthermore, I will explain how this actually works and I will pay some attention to ASMR as well.

Although first, I will tell you WHY I am doing this!
I have wondered how it was possible for music to affect oneself in such positive and negative ways.
I really found out, discovered and learned, that naturally, frequencies and vibrations are the key.
As a DJ, I performed for large crowds both domestically and internationally.
Something happened on the dance floor, or rather, with my audience, every time I performed!

There have been instances when I have watched someone cry uncontrollably, wondering why they were crying and if it was because of the music being bad or something else.
However, some approached me (during or after playing) and confided in me that they sensed something occurring within their own body, if not soul.
Something that, at the time, neither they nor I could describe.
And that's when I started crying because I was so pleased for them...

It was around these times that I began to understand that music served purposes other than just amusement.
Because at the same time, other individuals were jumping around and having a great time!
Even though I was playing the exact same music for everyone in front of me on the dance floor, the music had very distinct effects on each unique soul!
For what reason was this?

How could the music I was playing be the genuine deal, the true effect there in front of my eyes?
And sometimes I'm talking about hundreds of individuals, and other times I'm talking about maybe fifty or even less.
I first learned about frequencies and their potential effects on live souls from that source.

Additionally, that's where I first learned about things like solfeggio and binaural beats, among other things.
I chose the music for these unique purposes ever since, and began to produce my own songs as well.
Just understand that I am still learning about these consequences and am by no means an expert, or a master ... at least not yet.

I work really hard on my productions!
I put a lot of efforts in them, to elicit from you the meaning I have for them, and for you to experience the same emotions from them.

In addition, I will present personal help to local people in the Netherlands.
Many things I am going to offer for free, but there will also be some creations available, that you can buy, if you would like to sponsor my work and effort.
And yes, of course it is possible that I play at your party or event or whatever!! Just contact me. (In the office menu at the bottom of this page, you will find my contact information!)
At this moment, I am building this section where, very soon, I will start publishing my creations. Stay tuned!
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My dance-music mixes.

The first one that I offer for free is: "Corona Bitch part 1".

During the lockdown, I created this mix and especially named it after the devastating situation we all, worldwide, were in at that moment.

Since 1999 I play music as a dj, however since 2018, I started choosing different music, that you will feel, since I added some binaural beats and effects, at some certain points.
So here is my first one that I am offering you.
Click here to experience the feeling.

Okay, I will offer you a second one, which is: "Corona Bitch part 2".

During the lockdown, I also created the second part of the mix and especially named it after the devastating situation we all, worldwide, were in at that moment. And again, I added some effects and binaural beats, at some certain points.

So here is my second one that I am offering you.
Click here to experience the feeling.

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