Here I present my Spiritual Music Section with meditational, spiritual, and healing music.
Mindfulness Guide Me
Spiritual Music Section

Spiritual Music Section

We all do need some time for meditation, healing and chakra healing.

That is why I created this spiritual music section.

On top of every webpage, you will find the option for Google translation, in case you would like to read the website in your own language.
Before I come to chakra healings, I will pay attention to Christian healing songs, and why? Because we can heal our chakras with certain frequencies which you will find out ... but the ONLY ONE that can heal and save your SOUL is Yeshua Messiah, or as many people call Him, Jesus Christ!!
Below, you will find the different options that I present to you.

Christian Spiritual Music

Christian Spiritual Music for healing, salvation, redemption, inspiration, worshipping and encouragement.

Click to enjoy Christian Spiritual Music
Click this screen or this link to enjoy Christian Spiritual Music.

Chakra healing

With solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats and Tibetan bowls.

Click to enjoy chakra healing
Click this screen or this link to enjoy chakra healing.

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